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Couples Coaching

Marriage has developmental stages, but unfortunately, few people take this into consideration when the relationship shifts after the first few years.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Couples coaching is different from therapy or counselling in that we focus on the future of the relationship rather than childhood hurts and traumas.

In couples coaching you will identify what is working in the relationship and what is not.

You will look at the difference in brain profiles and how that difference plays out, often resulting in irritation and stress in the marriage. You will identify unconscious thoughts that lead to unconscious behaviours, which in turn cause conflict in the relationship.

You will receive tools to help you identify the behaviours and begin to work on changing them and responding in new ways. You will learn how to deal with resentment and do the necessary work of forgiveness.

We will name the problems in the relationship, address them and find ways to deal with them. If you are parents, you will be supported to create a tailor-made parenting blueprint for you as a couple.

If finances are the issue, we will work out a plan for the future that will address the insecurity. If infidelity is the problem, we will discuss the situation and find a way forward.

Coaching is about creating a preferred future while learning from the past.