Individual Divorce Coaching

Divorce is 80% emotions and 20% law.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I am not a psychologist or a counsellor; I qualified as a consciousness coach in 2005 and since then I have been coaching and guiding my divorce clients from a much more humane place.

As a divorce attorney for 25 years and a life coach for 15, I have seen and experienced enough to be able to support you emotionally through the divorce process, which often includes strong feelings of shock, fear, anger and depression.

The emotions during this stressful time are not linear, nor are they always recognisable for the person experiencing them. My role is to become your eyes and ears during the process, ensure that you do not make mistakes, and help you to find a meaningful way to approach the future.

I am qualified and able to prepare you for the legal processes and the mediations session or meetings with an attorney.

As coach I can help you assess any settlement offers that are made to you. From a calm and clear space, we can see if the settlement will work for you and the children or not. If not, I will assist you to discern whether a counteroffer should be made, and, if so, what it should be.

Divorce coaching can be done anywhere in the world.

Your first 30-minute session is free.