Divorce Marriage

Why is the choice between ego and soul important on the journey of divorce?

When you go through divorce you will experience a dark night of the soul. Intense emotions such as grief, anger, doubt and guilt may overwhelm you.

Photo by Erika Fletcher on Unsplash

You have a choice to make: whether to respond to all that is happening from a place of ego, or whether to find a way to navigate the process so that it becomes a journey of growth and empowerment.

You may be tempted to define yourself as a victim, a failure or a martyr. Or, because you had the courage to walk the road less travelled, you could see yourself emerging as a stronger person. Where there is a commitment to courage, willingness, peace, love and joy – even when you don’t feel like practising it – the universal laws of life will support you. This is the time that you can re-create yourself as a human being. This is when you become the change you want to see. Diamonds are formed through extreme heat, not in a comfort zone. You, too, can be transformed by this period of pain and pressure.

Who you choose to be and how you conduct yourself at this difficult time is the example that you will give your children to carry with them into their adulthood. You are their role model. Will you align with the good of your soul or with the needs of your ego?

No-one can choose the road but you.