Collaborative Divorce Interview Podcast

Manndi discusses family and collaborative law

Schuld Inc
Schuld Inc
Manndi discusses family and collaborative law

SAfm Radio Law Report interview with Manndi Schuld on family and collaborative law.

Photo by Ricardo Moura on Unsplash

In this podcast, Manndi explains the financial and emotional advantages of the collaborative approach in divorce, as well as the essential information included in her ‘Flirting With Divorce’ (Now called Divorce By Design) course, which empowers couples to make wise choices before beginning the divorce process.

The collaborative approach recognises that couples are in trauma and likely to be reactive rather than responsive in their decision making. Both partners’ attorneys sign an agreement not to litigate and work together in their clients’ best interests to arrive at an outcome that is fair and acceptable. 

Instead of each party hiring forensic accountants and psychologists to support their case, one independent expert is brought in to assess the overall situation and make recommendations. It’s a cheaper and simpler solution and workable if both parties are committed to finding resolution, especially where children and co-parenting are concerned.

‘What we are doing is calling on something bigger in each partner,’ says Manndi. ‘Whatever has gone wrong, we are honouring what has been and keeping in mind that, if there are children, some form of relationship will continue after the divorce. It helps if that can be amicable.’

The “Divorce By Design” course provides couples with the know-how to proceed, either to divorce or to couples counselling to work through their issues. ‘People are so ill-equipped to cope with divorce,’ says Manndi. ‘We discuss what the process costs, how maintenance is calculated, how co-parenting works, the paperwork that is required and what the various options are if they choose to go ahead.’

Armed with the necessary information, couples can make more empowered choices. And with the right support of compassionate attorneys, they can also bypass expensive experts and reach agreements in a mutually respectful way.