Financial Marriage

Marriage by design – The Prenuptial agreement

My advice to people before marriage is to take the prenuptial agreement seriously.

Photo by Daniel J. Schwarz on Unsplash

Don’t wait till the last minute before running to get the standard contract. Think about the contract as a document that is prepared during the happy days for if and when the bad days come.

Write your divorce agreement before you get married. Set out your boundaries and agreements upfront. 

It is also important to get a specialist attorney to advise you about the contract. The divorce attorneys know what they’re dealing with in the end when the contract is needed. For example, I have prepared contracts that state what the agreement is in the event of one partner having an affair; or if one partner decides to stop working; or if a certain number of children are born. Sometimes the contract also spells out gifts from one to the other.

For engaged couples, I have a helpful workshop to assist with preparing the prenuptial contract as well as some guidelines that will support a successful marriage.

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