Divorce Diet

Parents are the backbone of a family and when they are at logger heads it affects them and their children. Healthy dieting is a vital role in keeping the mind and body in good order to make sound decisions and go the long haul in the process of divorce.

In ‘Divorce diet:’ A dangerous way to get thin Carolyn Susman writes :

“According to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale,” says Dr. Earl Campazzi of Island Medical Care, “divorce is the second most stressful life event, second only to death of a spouse. While mild stress can improve performance, chronic stress such as that in a contentious divorce often leads to depression in those who are predisposed.”

Stress can throw the body out of whack. Your blood sugar can rise precipitously from eating lots of fatty and sugary foods that can provide comfort. Or the opposite – the stress can take away your appetite (the divorce diet) – and leave you fatigued and exhausted.

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And some advice on Dieting to Reduce the Stress from a Divorce

“You may not thing your diet could help reduce some of the stress related to your divorce. After reading this you may want to change you diet just a little. However keeping in mind, like any other diet, the changes will not happen overnight. The only way a diet will work is by you sticking with it in order for your body to adjust. This time frame will be different depending on your body chemistry.”

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