Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a cost effective, private alternative to a contested divorce. When couples choose to mediate their divorce, they avoid the costly and slow moving court system and attorneys that may prolong the pain of divorce.

Clients have the opportunity to negotiate a divorce settlement and parenting plan that is customized to their and their children’s needs and circumstances. The clients stay in control of the process and decisions made.

Couples that has a commitment to act to the benefit of their children and future parenting relationship normally has great success in mediation.

Mediation is goal and interest based rather than rights based which is much more effective.

In mediation you normally have one mediator that facilitates the communication between the parties rather than directing the process.

Mediation normally happens around a table in the mediator’s office. We however has the facility to mediate electronically, with certain conditions that needs to be followed.

There are certain matters that cannot be mediated and the collaborative or contested divorce will be the only other options.

Partners will need to act in an amicable and mature manner for mediation to be successful. This can be accomplished through coaching.

Other matters that can be mediated

  • Ante Nuptial Contracts
  • Co-habitation Agreements
  • Rights and Contact of Unmarried Parents
  • Universal Partnership Agreements
  • Child and Spousal Maintenance
  • Business Association Agreements
  • Business Partnership Agreements
  • And many more