Divorce Video

Divorce by Design – Part 1: 5 Divorce Hotspots

Divorce by Design is a workshop series to emotionally and legally prepare couples for the journey of divorce

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

Attorney Manndi Schuld draws on years of experience to offer a life-changing programme to couples considering divorce. In her view, the process is 80% emotional and 20% legal, which is why the partners need guidance and support before rushing into battle.

The Divorce by Design programme prepares people for the trauma of divorce.

In this introductory video, Manndi addresses what she identified as “The 5 Divorce Hotspots”. If not managed it can create acrimonious divorces and if managed reduces the time of healing after the hurt and gives meaning to the separation. If people have knowledge of the hotspots and how to manage it, it becomes possible that only one of the parties in the separation can reduce the acrimony. As she says, “it takes two to tango”. If one does not dance the dance, the other cannot dance either.

While litigation might sometimes be the only choice, mediation and collaboration are less acrimonious and result in fair and acceptable outcomes. The programme offers empowering information about these options, with the aim of reducing costs and minimising drawn-out, aggressive exchanges.

Manndi gives some tips on how to use some of the divorce hotspots to your advantage and what to be careful of in others.

The video provides an overview of Divorce by Design workshops and retreats, as well as the topics to be covered in upcoming sessions:

  • Co-parent rebuilding so that old patterns aren’t repeated.
  • The power of purpose.
  • Developing self esteem and vision for the future after a challenging marriage.

Packed with wise and useful insights, this programme will be of immense benefit to anyone dealing with the breakdown of a relationship.